VR turbo-prop trainer

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multiSIM recently finished test-flying an accurate flightmodel of the PC-7 training aircraft for use in a Virtual Reality simulation solution. The solution was developed for AIR (Ambition, Innovation & Research, RNLAF, The Netherlands). They will use the simulator for future research into the potential application of VR solutions in their basic flight training programs. For this purpose, AIR works together with research institutes like TNO and the Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

The RNLAF published a very informative article about this project with us, here: Vliegende Hollander 2022/01 (Dutch, with beautiful pictures of our solution).

The Apache mountain flying training course in the Desdemona simulator (see here) also utilizes the VR solutions and software of multiSIM. It provides a huge upgrade of the visual solution inside the simulator, and it even works with the large motion envelope of Desdemona, creating new levels of fidelity.

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