Collaborative training of crews, requires joint simulation that can act in one, distributed world. And just as important, the training solution needs to be scalable; enabling easy coupling of new simulators, trainees and assets in your training.

 We build scalable simulation in one distributed world to facilitate collaborative crew training

On a battlefield, information gathering is crucial and ultimately provides the crew an edge over any opponent. Likewise, for military training, information gathering from the simulated battlefield is crucial. This requires correct simulation of visual cues, including FLIR and NVG, as well as the simulation and distribution (uplink/downlink) of tactical information from radars, drones and radio communication.

multiSIM developed four software frameworks to enable true collaborative training in our simulation solutions:

  • D-SIM for synchronization and interfacing of all assets (e.g. simulators)
  • D-WORLD for rendering a high quality virtual world
  • D-ASSET for dynamic simulation of weapon platforms and entities
  • D-LINK for adding information gathering and sharing to the simulated battlefield
AH-64 Apache mission simulation in D-WORLD using a cost effective VR solution