Distributed simulation requires a core framework that supervises all simulators and trainees in a training, and that can control the entire virtual world from one single process. The D-SIM framework enables collaborative training in highly immersive virtual missions that can be controlled by one instructor, from a single computer. In the picture above, one airforce instructor supervises a complex AH-64 mission with numerous dynamic entities on the ground, using the D-SIM interface.

The main features of D-SIM are:

  • user-friendly interface to all simulations in the training scenario
  • synchronization of all simulations within the virtual world (D-WORLD)
  • map-based, run-time creation and modification of missions
  • distribution of, and controlled access to, all variables in simulators and D-WORLD
  • browser-based user interface for easy control from any and multiple locations

Some technical properties:

  • 32/64-bit, Linux and Windows support
  • multicast/peer-to-peer based data exchange for high performance and low latency
  • dynamic library for easy integration with custom applications including: C++/C#/MATLAB Simulink
  • REST interface for integration with web applications
  • template based web interface
  • open interface for integration with HLA or DIS based simulations

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