Spatial Disorientation Simulation

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Every pilot, in any kind of aircraft, is vulnerable to Spatial Disorientation (SD). It does not just affect military pilots, but SD has great impact on civil aviators as well. In fact, SD and human factors are still a significant contributor to incidents and accidents in civil aviation.

See for example the Boeing statistic here:

To make pilots aware of the detrimental effects of Spatial Disorientation and to mitigate loss of situational awareness and possible deviations from the normal flight envelope, multiSIM developed SD training simulation for civil pilots. Both basic SD effects like the somatogravic illusion can be simulated, as well as more advanced SD that occurs in Degraded Visual Environments (like brown-out landing and mountain flying).

The software that multiSIM developed for SD training is also implemented in the highly advanced Desdemona motion simulator. More information about Desdemona and the available training courses can be found here:

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