D-WORLD Visual

D-WORLD is a detailed virtual representation of the real world, in which simulations interact naturally. It is a geographical copy based on existing local map, photo, elevation and cultural data.

One world

With network solutions such as D-SIM, a large number of simulators can operate simultaneously in D-WORLD under exactly the same virtual conditions. They see each other from their own perspective, observe the same events, and communicate and operate together in real-time. D-World offers the ultimate environment for synchronized and distributed simulation.

Unity game engine

D-WORLD is scalable and easily accessible to developers through the use of the high-end Unity game engine. It offers all the bonuses of Unity itself, such as native support for all VR headsets, and support for highly detailed Unity scene’s and models. The virtual world in your professional simulator will look just as good as any mainstream game.

Since D-World is build on the Unity engine, it is also an ideal environment for customers that want to develop their own virtual content for research purposes, for example. Coupled to the D-SIM framework it is easy to connect your own hardware and to visualize it in the virtual world.

Physics simulation

Realistic physical models are essential for simulating natural interaction in a virtual world. multiSIM’s engineers developed precise mathematical models for atmosphere and wind simulation, ballistics and ground interaction for landings and vehicle movements. These models, including high-fidelity aircraft models, are part of the integrated Dynamics toolbox.

Part of the toolbox are also our modular aerodynamics and aircraft engine models. With the Dynamics toolbox it is possible to accurately model and simulate any aircraft or helicopter, including the avionics. Although this will of course require some engineering, the aerodynamic solvers and the mathematics are already included.

all of multiSIM’s training simulations operate seamlessly together in D-WORLD. Just plug in the next network cable!