The O2Sim provides a solution for hypoxia training in a full mission simulator. Decompression, altitude awareness and hypoxia training are traditionally performed in hypobaric chambers. Although these devices offer true atmospheric conditions, the training is usually focussed on awareness, and not so much on the effects and possible countermeasures in full flight missions. Furthermore, hypobaric … Continue reading O2Sim

CH-47 Chinook crew

To train loadmasters as well as pilots in the Desdemona, multiSIM developed a simulator for Chinook loadmaster training that is linked to the pilot station over a network . This setup enables for very realistic interaction between the loadmaster and the pilot controlling the helicopter. To the benefit of the loadmasters, they can now be … Continue reading CH-47 Chinook crew

AH-64 Apache

multiSIM is developing distributed mission simulation for the AH-64 Apache helicopter, in elaborate scenarios involving other helicopters (CH-47, AS-532, NH-90) and ground-based entities. Our software solution makes it possible to run the Apache flightmodel and (weapon-) systems in any simulator environment; from low-level desktop setups to high-fidelity motion systems like Desdemona with virtual reality (VR) … Continue reading AH-64 Apache