multiSIM develops and integrates dynamic models for realistic simulations of flying, driving and walking in a virtual world such as D-WORLD. The physical behavior of these models and the interaction with the virtual world, in other words the dynamics, are true to nature.

Our Dynamics Toolbox contains mathematical software for reliable simulation of various helicopters, such as the CH-47, AH-64 and AS-532. These models are based on an analytical solution of a so-called finite blade element approach. The result is a generic model that can approximate the flight characteristics and handling of every helicopter, based on geometric and aerodynamic parameters. Helicopter test pilots and operational pilots confirm the reliability of the model. Transporting loads, and their physical interaction with the helicopter, has also been accurately modeled.

In addition, fixed wing models are part of the toolbox as well, and if not, they can be developed based on the same set of mathematical tools. For example, a high-fidelity flight model of the PC-7 basic trainer, including the T-6 turboprop engine, were modelled by multiSIM recently.

Flight Models

External (flight) models can be integrated in Dynamics as well, and then linked via our D-SIM network solution. An example of this is the Bihrle Applied Research F-16 model in which fighter pilots can experience the full dynamic characteristic of an F-16.

For the purpose of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, a high-fidelity aerodynamic model of a transport aircraft has been implemented in Dynamics and D-SIM. This model is used to train situations far beyond the normal flight envelope in the Desdemona simulator (www.desdemona.eu). This unique simulator also uses the multiSIM software for training.