Virtual Reality Pilot Station

Virtual Reality Pilot Stations from multiSIM offer the most cost-efficient solution for full flight simulation. Wearing a Virtual Reality headset, the pilot is immersed in a virtual cockpit environment with which he interacts through VR gloves, touch screens or mixed reality. Driven by our D-WORLD render engine, the simulation shows realistic visuals and has build-in support for virtual interaction.

Networked simulation

Multiple Pilot Stations can be easily coupled over a network to enable crew training, or multi-ship multi-type training. Any type of helicopter can be simulated with type-specific or generic controls and with the correct force-feel due to the incorporated drop-in control loading. multiSIM develops high fidelity flight models. Our rotor model can be configured for any helicopter. Available off-the-shelve are dynamic models, avionics and 3D cockpits for the CH47F Chinook, the AH64 Apache and the AS532 Cougar.

multiSIM can also deliver the Pilot Station for basic training and assessment of fixed wing pilots (see: the VR Trainer Simulator). We have accurate flight models and 3D cockpit environments available for fixed wing trainer aircraft.


Linked to the Cabin VR trainer, the Pilot Station (or 2 for pilot and co-pilot) is optimal for training the interaction between a full helicopter crew. Meanwhile, the instructor sits behind the D-SIM Desktop Simulator Interface and can assess the training from behind a single desktop station.

Linked to an existing full flight simulator the Pilot Station provides cost-effective multi-ship training missions. In the real world, you never fly alone!