CH-47 D/F Chinook

Mission training with a full crew in a realistic scenario is indispensable for pilot readiness. multiSIM developed CH-47 Chinook simulation for mission training of helicopter crews, so for both the pilots and the loadmasters.

CH47 flightmodel

The rotor dynamics, stabilization systems (e.g. DASH) and avionics of the Chinook are modeled in great detail to make sure the helicopter handling is accurate and relevant. More recent features like the digital AFCS and CAAS cockpit are incorporated as well. Training applications that use this model are brown-out landings, mountain flying and sling-load operations. The complex sling load dynamics and its potentially disturbing effects on the helicopter are simulated realistically in the Dynamics Toolbox.

Training applications

Typical cost effective training solutions are:

  • full mission crew training
  • situational awareness in Degraded Visual Environments
  • flying with NVG’s
  • C2 in multi-ship and multi-type missions

Distributed simulation

The Chinook simulation is distributed over a computer network by D-SIM, and it uses D-WORLD as the shared virtual mission environment. Through D-SIM, new software and hardware can be coupled to the simulation. This makes our software the ideal solution for use in existing training and research environments, or to extend our simulation with your avionics and sensors.

multiSIM’s CH-47 Chinook simulation can be integrated in any type of training device, ranging from full cockpit devices with multi-channel dome projection to VR headsets. For example, our Pilot VR Station provides a very cost effective cockpit environment.

Loadmaster training and selection

The CH-47F simulation models are excellent for loadmaster training and/or selection. The 3D cabin models are accurate and the use of Virtual Reality creates a very compelling experience for the whole crew. With D-SIM, distributed simulation between pilot and loadmaster simulators is easy to setup.

Correct physical behavior of sling loads was modelled in the Dynamics toolbox with actual feedback of loadmasters and pilots.