Dismounted Soldier Battle Lab

Electronics and computing technology can significantly increase battlefield superiority and survivability. Nations around the globe are currently developing and implementing Dismounted Soldier Systems to improve the operational capabilities of combatants. To support and shorten the complex Concept Development and Evaluation (CD&E) cycle, multiSIM has developed a Virtual Battle Lab.

multiSIM’s realistic CD&E environment is based on an efficient simulation framework that consists of distributed Open Simulation (D-SIM) in one shared virtual world (D-WORLD). It enables rapid implementation and testing of new technologies in a realistic, simulated battle field.

Open Simulation for CD&E

Open Simulation means that in the D-SIM framework all of the simulation data is made available. Actually, all the distributed data, processes and simulations that are connected through D-SIM can be accessed and operated by the researcher from a single desktop. The customer can integrate their own technology and simulations, and connect new hardware-in-the-loop systems in the D-SIM framework.

D-World and hardware in-the-loop

D-WORLD is a virtual environment based on real-world data. It supports any kind of display system, like VR/XR headsets or multi-projector setups. Dismounted Soldier Systems, like advanced head mounted displays or new sensor capabilities, can be evaluated in-the-loop. Not just one, but many entities and hardware assets can be simulated in our connected world.

High-fidelity NVG and FLIR sensor simulation is included in D-WORLD.