MRTT ARO trainer

The Aerial Refueling Operator (ARO) trainer demonstrates, and trains, various dynamic aspects of a refueling boom system, such as aerodynamics, control forces and stereo characteristics of the camera system. Aerial refueling is a demanding manual task for both the pilot in the receiving aircraft and the refueling boom operator. Task performance of the ARO depends heavily on the handling qualities of the different, closed-loop, dynamic systems.

Force feel and stereo

The simulator accurately models the visual feedback and manual control of the refueling boom and receiving aircraft to the operator, including force feel joysticks and a 3D enhanced-stereo visualization.

Skills training

To train and understand the dynamic effects of the different systems on task performance, the operator can easily change the dynamic aspects through an easy-to-use interface. Such as:

  • differing aerodynamic characteristics
  • receiver aircraft with aerodynamic disturbances
  • varying control forces
  • effects of stereo (degradation, misalignment)
  • turbulence, weather and shadows

Training & Research

The configurable Aerial Refueling Operator simulator is perfectly suited for both training and research purposes. Its small footprint makes it possible to use the simulator anywhere you want. But of course, as close as possible to the end-users in your squadron is optimal!