AS532 Cougar

multiSIM has created high-fidelity AS532 Cougar simulation for mission training, advanced flight training, loadmaster training and research.

The AS532 simulation is available for any simulator environment, including our Configurable Helicopter Station, but also for desktop simulation or full motion simulators.

The helicopter flight dynamics represent those of the real aircraft and enable realistic simulation of advanced flight maneuvers as encountered during tactical flight, mountain flying, brown-outs, slingloads and even auto-rotation.

Cockpit avionics and aicraft systems are simulated to provide the pilot with the required flight information. Our current simulation simulates the original AS532U2, but this can be adapted to a customer specific version of the AS532.

It is also possible to use the simulation at night conditions with simulated night vision goggles and/or a helmet mounted display (e.g. ANVIS/HUD 24).

Simulator Hardware

No specific hardware is required to run the full AS532 simulation. It is possible to use the simulation in a desktop setup with a simple joystick, or with multiSIM’s Reconfigurable VR Pilot Station, or even on your existing simulator. Cockpit simulator hardware and our simulation models can be easily integrated through the D-SIM software.

Flight Model

The multiSIM Dynamics flight model provides an accurate approximation of aircraft behavior and makes it possible to train under realistic conditions. Pilots can fly the helicopter as they would in real life, as even agile flying maneuvers are modeled accurately.

The engine and flight model approximate the real performance and are suitable to train performance limited operations in hot and/or high conditions including brown-outs.

Possible mission conditions include:

  • Tactical flight
  • Mountain flight
  • Low light flight using night vision goggles
  • Slingload operations
  • Brown-out landings
  • Engine failures and auto-rotation landings


The commonly used cockpit systems and display are modelled to provide the pilots with all necessary information.

Loadmaster training and selection

multiSIM’s AS532 simulation models are excellent for loadmaster training and/or selection. The 3D cabin models are accurate and the use of Virtual Reality creates a very compelling experience for loadmasters. With D-SIM, even distributed simulation between pilot and loadmaster simulators is easy to setup.

Correct physical behavior of sling loads was modelled in the Dynamics toolbox with actual feedback of loadmasters and pilots.