AH-64 Apache

multiSIM has created high-fidelity AH-64D/E Apache simulation for mission training, advanced flight training and research.

The AH-64 simulation is available for any simulator environment, including our Configurable Helicopter Station, but also for desktop simulation or full motion simulators.

The helicopter flight dynamics represent those of the real aircraft and enable realistic simulation of advanced flight maneuvers as encountered during tactical flight, mountain flying, brown-outs and even auto-rotation.

The avionics systems required for most flight conditions are simulated and provide the pilots with the information they need to operate the helicopter as in real flight. This includes the Helmet Display Sighting System (IHADSS) providing head mounted symbology and an FLIR sensor imagery (with accurate sensor dynamics and rendering).

Simulator Hardware

No specific hardware is required to run the extensive AH-64 simulation. It is possible to use the simulation in a desktop setup with a simple joystick, or with multiSIM’s Reconfigurable VR Pilot Station, or even on your existing simulator. Cockpit simulator hardware and our simulation models can be easily integrated through the D-SIM software.

Flight Model

The multiSIM Dynamics flight model provides an accurate approximation of aircraft behavior and makes it possible to train under realistic conditions. Pilots can fly the helicopter as they would in real life, as even agile flying maneuvers are modeled accurately. The SAS/SCAS augmentation system, including attitude and altitude hold modes, is part of the model.

The engine and flight model approximate the real performance, as displayed on the PERF page, and are suited to train performance limited operations in hot and/or high conditions including brown-outs.

Possible mission conditions include:

  • Tactical flight
  • Mountain flight
  • Brown-out landings
  • Engine failures and auto-rotation landings


Large parts of the AH-64 avionics have been modelled and if required can be easily extended to customer needs. The modelled systems include:

  • Pilot and CPG Multi Purpose Displays (MPD)
  • TADS Electronic Display and Control (TEDAC)
  • Enhanced Up Front Display (EUFD)
  • Keyboard Unit (KU)
  • Display Processer, System Processor and Weapons Processor

For example, the PERF page provides correct performance data and the TSD page includes map underlays (CADRG and other formats) and DTED height shading.


Coupled to the model are simulations of the TADS Day-TV (DTV) and FLIR, and PNVS FLIR sensors. These can be controlled from the front seat position through the TEDAC or used as a sensor in the HDUs of the pilot and cpg. Sensor dynamics like manual/auto-gain, slew rate limits and field-of-view limits are modelled. The sensor images are generated using the physics based D-World FLIR simulation.

The sensors can of course also be presented as an underlay on the MPDs, and acquisition sources can be shared between the pilot and cpg to provide a true crew simulation.

Weapon Systems

The AH-64 has a wide variety of armament options including a large number of rocket variations and hellfire/stinger missile types. The area weapon system (M230 chain gun) is natively simulated in D-SIM, but for specific rocket and missile simulations external applications can be easily connected.

ASE options also vary widely between operators and multSIM can provide a variety of options. For threat simulations, native D-SIM threats can be used or generated by external products connected via DIS.