Hypoxia Simulation & Training

multiSIM integrated normobaric hypoxia training software in full-flight simulation by interfacing a Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device (ROBD) to the simulations in the D-SIM software. The build in safety and pilot monitoring functions in D-SIM make the training solution very safe.

Hypoxia training is extremely important due to the large number of airmen who are unaware of the physiological symptoms that can impact their safety during flight. multiSIM’s solutions will familiarize pilots with the physiological aspects of high altitude flight, while immersed in full-flight simulation.

Hypoxia can easily lead to loss of spatial awareness or even Spatial Disorientation. It is just one of the physiological problems that can impair pilots if they are not aware of the effects of decreased oxygen levels at altitude.


multiSIM created an effective training course in D-SIM and D-WORLD to demonstrate the negative effects of reduced oxygen levels in the cockpit. The goal is to increase the awareness of hypoxia symptoms so that potentially hazardous situations are recognized sooner in flight.