multiSIM is developing distributed mission simulation for the AH-64 Apache helicopter, in elaborate scenarios involving other helicopters (CH-47, AS-532, NH-90) and ground-based entities. Our software solution makes it possible to run the Apache flightmodel and (weapon-) systems in any simulator environment; from low-level desktop setups to high-fidelity motion systems like Desdemona with virtual reality (VR) visuals.

The simulation incorporates all avionic systems, like one-to-one HDU symbology, and accurate models of some of the tactical systems, for both the front- and back-seat. D-WORLD can simulate high-quality FLIR imagery, and with the use of the D-LINK framework, information sharing (with JTACs, drones, etc.) using downlinks and uplinks is provided.

In co-operation with the faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology, multiSIM is developing an accurate dynamic rotor model. The AH-64 simulator is our first application using this model combined with accurate models of the aircraft control augmentation and stabilization systems (SCAS). This flight model, and the use of virtual reality headset to fly in D-WORLD, has received very positive feedback from active Apache pilots.