multiSIM develops full flight simulation for helicopter pilots, and builds cabin trainers for collaborative training of pilots and loadmaster crews together.

Helicopter operations depend heavily on effective collaboration between the crew members. The loadmaster provides the pilots in the cockpit with essential information about the state of the helicopter itself and about the environment around the helicopter. In addition, they are also responsible for many other tasks such as hoist operations, and to handle the doorgun in hostile environments.

In our simulator solutions, both mock-ups of the helicopter cabin in combination with a projected world, and VR solutions with commercial off-the-shelve VR headsets, are used.

The AS-532 Cougar crew training mainly uses the VR solution. The loadmaster is immersed in VR while standing on a platform that has the exact same dimensions as a real Cougar, including some of the essential hardware like door handles, slings and foot steps. For basic voice marshalling and practicing in-flight performance calculations, the solution with projection is used.