The O2Sim provides a solution for hypoxia training in a full mission simulator. Decompression, altitude awareness and hypoxia training are traditionally performed in hypobaric chambers. Although these devices offer true atmospheric conditions, the training is usually focussed on awareness, and not so much on the effects and possible countermeasures in full flight missions. Furthermore, hypobaric chambers are costly and require extensive maintenance programs.

As a cost effective alternative, multiSIM offers simulation solutions with mobile oxygen supply generators installed as integral part of the simulator. Under normobaric pressure conditions, these supply generators output gas mixtures that simulate the atmosphere at higher altitudes. Coupled to full flight simulation, you now have the capability to train the effects of hypoxia when flying helicopters at high altitudes, or to train emergency procedures in case of decompression in a fighter aircraft, such as the F-16 and F-35 in the picture above.