In co-operation with TNO ( and the Royal Netherlands Army, multiSIM is developing desktop simulator stations for the crews of land vehicles (such as the CV-90), in order to evaluate future tactical displays and complex information sharing. TNO’s research focusses on the design of a new multi-function display that ergonomically displays all information sources (internal and external imaging sources), and optimizes the situational awareness of the whole vehicle crew in complex tactical missions that include multiple vehicles. The requirement is not to simulate a true vehicle interior, but to simulate tactical information processing and communication between the vehicle crew in a complex mission (in a high-fidelity environment such as D-WORLD). This simulation depends heavily on our D-LINK software layer, that controls many of the (streaming) information processes, such as a down-link of a UAV datastream to the in-vehicle displays.

Cost-efficient, configurable desktop stations that can simulate any asset in D-World (e.g. a JTAC), or can be set up as instructor station to control a scenario in D-SIM.

For many training tasks and “role-players” in a mission scenario, a realistic simulator mockup is not required. We have developed a generic desktop simulator that can simulate any of the positions (/roles) in an asset in D-WORLD. For example, the commander, driver or gunner in a Fennek vehicle. The simulator station has a small footprint, is mobile and highly cost-efficient. Outside visuals are presented on a curved wide-screen monitor, or inside a VR headset. Instruments and tactical displays are presented on a touchscreen.

The stations are coupled with each other, and to the mission simulation in D-SIM, with 2 network cables and a power cord. Simply plug them in, and you become part of the training mission. Put three of them together, and you can train crew co-ordination of a complete vehicle like the CV-90, Boxer, or Fennek.