For the Royal Netherlands Airforce, and for research in cooperation with the Delft University of Technology, multiSIM is developing a simulator station for air refueling boom operators. The pimary purpose is not to train the operators, but to demonstrate and to test different boom and control dynamics, so that the operators learn how to methodically assess the different dynamic characteristics of a (new) refueling system.

The demonstrator is built in such a way that a variety of different dynamic aspects and handling characteristics of the refueling task can be demonstrated and tested, such as:

  • demonstration of the difference between “flying qualities” versus augmented “handling qualities”
  • demonstration of underdamped and overdamped characteristics
  • the ability to test differences in control forces
  • the effect of increased stereo disparity, etc.
Simulation of refueling a F-16 from a Royal Netherlands Airforce K-DC10 tanker.

As part of our software solution, the refueling simulation is added to the D-ASSETS software layer, and via D-SIM becomes a part of the distributed simulation (in D-WORLD) as well. This allows for immediate coupling of different simulators in one scenario, for example, the air refueling simulator can now also be used in a training mission in which decompression in the O2Sim is simulated.

First results of an experiment conducted with the simulator are published in this article: Manual Control Behavior in Stereoscopic Vision-Enhanced Depth Control Tasks