The most advanced motion simulator in the world uses our D-SIM software to run the different training courses for military and civil pilots. D-SIM controls and monitors all the computers and processes that are required for out-the-window visuals, instruments, flight controls, control loading, flight models, motion cueing, and so on. It is the heart of every simulation on the Desdemona.

Originally designed for spatial disorientation training and research, the Desdemona simulator features unlimited rotations around three axes (> 360°) and a sustained G-force capability of up to 3G. In addition, the cabin can accelerate linearly over an 8 meter linear track. Desdemona stands for:

DESorientatie DEMONstrAtor (disorientation demonstrator)

Its unique motion platform is ideally suited for research in motion cueing and motion perception. For this purpose Desdemona was used in research projects for companies like Ferrari, General Motors and Vekoma. For more information, see

Upset recovery training in the Desdemona simulator, running on D-SIM software

The Royal Netherlands Airforce makes extensive use of the simulator for special training of its aircrews. Desdemona can simulate different platforms, like the Chinook CH-47, Apache AH-64, F-16 and AS-532 Cougar. The pilots train situations with a high risk of disorientation, like brown-out landings in the desert, mountain flying and operations, and aircraft upsets and stalls. In these difficult (possibly hostile) conditions, correct perception of motion and visual cues are vital to the pilot and his crew.

Pilot readiness demands scenario-based training

Not only the pilot flying, but other crew members as well can be trained in the same scenario by linking different simulators over a network (using specical, distributed simulation software like D-SIM). In the brown-out scenario’s the Chinook loadmaster is in the same simulation as the pilot and they can work together just like they would do in the real word, even though they are physically in two different simulators. Using the D-SIM software that is developed by multiSIM, the Desdemona simulator can now be coupled in a large network of different simulators (like AH-64, UAV’s, CV-90 tank, other crew members, F-16, etc.). This enables large scale scenario-based training with multiple players in the network.

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